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  • Introduction to 21st Century homeschooling

  • Improve your teaching and expand your Personal Learning Network with the use of four easy-to-use, and infinitely beneficial tools: Google Reader, social bookmarking site Diigo, twitter, and Blogger. You will learn how to find teaching ideas, organize and share your resources, connect with other teachers from around the globe, and communicate with students, colleagues, and parents.

  • Take student engagement to the next level when you integrate moviemaking into all subjects of your curriculum. When students become creators, not just consumers, of educational content, you will be amazed at what they can do!

  • Give your students a voice in the world! You will learn how easy (and fun) it is to create student podcasts and get tons of ideas about how to use them in your teaching. Great for all subject areas and ages!

  • Student-created web pages have never been so easy. Learn all about how to create and incorporate the special websites known as wikis. Great for digital portfolios!

  • Collaboration with other classrooms has never been so easy. Learn about ways to connect online with classrooms from around the globe, including Skype, backchannels, and more.

  • Our most comprehensive and user-friendly training option. Customize your experience by creating a “mash-up” of the above workshops. Plus, go beyond the basics to discover even more free Web 2.0 resources that you can use to engage your students in meaningful and creative learning experiences.

  • A long-term professional development program that explores all of the above topics and more! Perfect for those who want to commit to building a 21st century school.

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